Wear Hope Give Hope Display and Bestsellers

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This new set includes our custom built display stacked with our bestselling products. We want Starfish Project products to be a success for your store or event and so we designed this stand, and selected these products, to help make that happen. 

This product display is the perfect way to display Starfish Project's best selling products in your store or at your event. Our custom designed wood display is made in the USA and built to feature our products and their boxes, in a way that showcases to your customers the visual array of our many different styles and materials. 

This bundle contains almost $975 in retail value of our best selling items and you get everything shipped to your door for $400.00. If it is out of stock, contact us at retailpartners@starfishproject.com and we will put you on the pre-order list, so you can receive your set and stand as soon as they become available again

The products included are:
  • Bernadine Earrings X 2
  • Everly Earrings X2
  • Harper Gold Hoop Earrings X 2
  • Community Gold Necklace
  • Sue White Bracelet
  • Jo Anna Earrings
  • Marina Gold Arrow Drop Necklace
  • Kathleen; Rose Gold Star-shaped Bracelet  
  • Lawson White Necklace 
  • Erika; Diamond-shaped Dangle Earrings
  • Sparrow Necklace
  • Delores Necklace
  • Josephine Earrings
  • Kyra Studs 
  • Natalie Studs
  • Dorothy Hexagon Studs 
  • Alexis Rose Gold Necklace
  • Caprice Necklace
  • Mallory Necklace
  • Anna Brett Silver Ring
  • Maddison Ring
Type: Display