Reaves Turquoise Beaded Necklace

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The Reaves Necklace features the daintiest of turquoise and hematite beads suspended from a classic 14k gold plated chain. This new staple was created by the survivors of Starfish Project for everyday wear. We hope as you wear and gift your Reaves Necklace you’ll be a reminder of the many women who are experiencing freedom, establishing independence and developing careers each day because of you! Like your incredible impact this timeless necklace will never go out of style and shine bright for years to come.

Insider Tip: The Reaves Turquoise Beaded Necklace pairs just perfectly with our Kendall Beaded Long Necklace.

Materials:  14k gold plated stainless steel and natural turquoise necklace
Hypoallergenic; lead and cadmium free with nickel content less than 100 ppm.
Size: 17-19 inches

Suggested MSRP: $39.99
Type: Necklace
SKU: 226-210-2g