10 days until Starfish Project’s 12th Anniversary!

In 10 days, Starfish Project will celebrate our 12th Anniversary!! In honor of this special celebration, we dug through old photos to find some sweet, significant moments the Starfish Project family has shared together the last 12 years.

Here is a photo of our first order of 60,000 pieces. We didn’t have a fork lift, so we had to use an electric wagon/scooter and several grown men to lift it into our truck!! It was over 700 pounds of jewelry…

That is Jenny’s 65-year-old father helping lift the box of jewelry in the truck!! It’s always been a whole family affair at Starfish Project!

Here is what Fan had to say about that day:

“When I had been working at Starfish a few years, we received a massive order for 60,000 pairs of earrings. We worked so incredibly hard to get the order fulfilled on time. This was the biggest single order in Starfish history. To celebrate our major accomplishment, we went on a team-building trip to a beautiful place. I loved having fun with my coworkers and seeing the stunning landscape. We were all so proud of our accomplishment and I loved having achieved such a difficult goal.” – Fan

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