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I am deeply impressed at how crazy personal everything feels about Starfish Project. It’s amazing! I keep telling my husband that I was personally acknowledged by this company. I’ve never shopped in a store or a mall where I’m so individually acknowledged, thanked, celebrated and even given discounts. I can’t believe the amount of times that I have felt personally thanked, celebrated or acknowledged. It feels backwards to acknowledge me, because I’m just shopping and not even doing the grunt work, but it’s crazy how much that happens. I’m always pointing that out to people- that Starfish Project seems to really care about me. They know my name and it’s just incredible.” 

-EG, Starfish Project Customer 

Last week, we interviewed over 40 customers to learn how Starfish Project can better tell our story. We want every single customer to know that because you support Starfish Project, exploited women get to leave brothels and be welcomed into Starfish Project. We develop relationships with customers here in order to restore hope there. Your purchases and support connect you to these women in Asia who get to experience freedom, establish independence, and develop careers. Thank you for being a part of their stories.

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