Becca’s Outreach Reflection

A reflection on outreach by Becca, our Communications Director

Over the last several months our teams have been visiting with Lara in one of our outreach neighborhoods. The brothel she operates is tucked into a dirty alley, off of the main road in the village that she works and lives in. Every time we visit Lara her face lights up, as she is the only person working in this brothel and is quite lonely. She asks a lot of questions, and can talk for hours and hours. She has a kind and gentle face that is slightly worn from life, a beautiful smile and soft chuckle.

Lara works in our headquarters city and sends the money she earns back to her hometown to support her teenage son’s education. During his summer break he came to the city to visit his mom, and we had the opportunity to meet him! Lara, her son, our Outreach Coordinator and I went to lunch at a restaurant near to where she works. Watching Lara and her son interact was heart warming. They have such a kind and playful relationship. Her eyes light up whenever she talks about him, and it is was beautiful to see them together in person. 

I hope that as our outreach teams meet with Lara, that we will know how to love her well and that her heart will gradually begin to heal. And that someday, she will recognize how beautiful and worthy she is, and be ready to start a new chapter of her life.  

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