Bee worked in a brothel under an abusive owner before coming to Starfish Project. Today, she is thriving as our Raw Materials Inventory Manager. You can help Bee by contributing toward a computer so she can continue developing her career.

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Read her Story of Hope below:

I was one of the first women to join Starfish Project. Before that, I worked in a brothel with an abusive owner and was constantly surrounded by violence. I am the youngest of six sisters. My older sister introduced me to Starfish Project.


At Starfish Project, I have a healthy work environment where people are kind and respectful. I learned that people can be honest and I have made real friendships.

As part of my job, I get to inspect raw materials provided by the Raw Material Inventory Manager before they are given to Production staff to make jewelry. When a material is unacceptable, I return those materials to the Raw Material Manager as needed, clearly documenting the problems with the materials and why we cannot use them. When an order comes in, I prepare production baskets for every work order, so the production team has the materials they need to make that order. When the products are packaged, I make sure they’re packaged and won’t be damaged during shipment. I also help our Production Manager pack international shipments.


I love that my coworkers at Starfish Project celebrate my life and achievements. Before joining Starfish Project, I never had a birthday party and was never celebrated as an individual. Now my birthday is celebrated each year, along with my personal and professional development.


I recently earned my Microsoft Word certification; and I am working on Microsoft Excel and literacy classes now.


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