When CiCi was young she was trafficked by a friend into working at a brothel. Today, she is pursuing a professional English certification at Starfish Project! You can help CiCi achieve her goal by contributing toward her tuition and a computer she can use for her class.

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You can also read her full Story of Hope below:

When I was young, I was tricked into a brothel by a friend. When I heard about Starfish Project and the opportunities they provided, I decided to work there. I am a single mom and I live in the shelter.

I have some background in handling raw materials because I used to help manage a materials store. So, at Starfish Project, my job is to manage all the raw materials and to attend business trips with suppliers. I am always very happy when the materials we order come in with no quality problems.

I have learned a lot through working here. Everyone is different and I strongly believe learning to accept other people’s flaws is very important. I like that I am able to get along with my coworkers. If I have any problems, I feel comfortable seeking their guidance. They are kind and give me advice like they are my sisters and help me grow.

I am currently studying English and I am taking classes in administration and courses through Wall Street English training. My goal is to complete all 4 levels of the certification tests through the Wall Street English training.

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