Hope is Alive: Come Together with Virtual Easter Games

My little family has celebrated Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and birthdays all while isolating during coronavirus. We have learned to celebrate big within in the confines of our home and the supplies we have in our cabinets. Even greater than this we have become extremely resilient. Most days, our eyes no longer see what we can’t do but rather an opportunity to try something new with the intention of connection, fun and celebration at the center. (Fingers crossed we can hold on to that gleaning in a post-COVID-19 world!) So when my mom called from the US and mentioned that my grandmother would be alone in isolation over the Easter holiday the wheels of virtual party tricks began turning in my in mind. Here are a couple of simple games we’ve come up to bring our family together this Easter.

1. Easter Egg Grandma Says

Grandma’s Supplies: A set of colored plastic Easter Eggs (any colored boxes could work in a pinch), actions written on slips of paper placed inside each egg

Parent’s Supplies: A prize, a set of colored plastic Easter Eggs, paper and a pen

How to Play: Young Kids Edition: Grandma sets all the eggs out on the table and points the camera at the eggs. The grandkids take turns selecting an egg color. Grandma opens the egg, reads the action instruction “Spin around 5 times” “10 jumping jacks” “Sing a song.” The grandkids do the action. Repeat until all eggs are open and then give out the prizes.

Extension: While one parent chats with grandma have the other parent or older kids write down actions and/or questions for grandma. Repeat the game this time with grandma choosing an egg and the kids giving the orders.

Pre-teen Edition: For older kids have grandma write a series of questions for the kids to answer. Think “What are you most grateful for this year?” “What is your favorite family holiday memory?” “Tell me a joke.”and play in the same way. Don’t forget to have the kids write questions for grandma and repeat!

2. Springtime Charades

How to Play: Grandma begins by generating ideas with a question, “What things do you think about, see or do around Easter time? We expect to hear color eggs, flowers, bunnies, eat chocolate, etc. Grandma starts by acting out one of the words or actions the kids listed without making any sounds. The grandkids have 30 seconds to guess. Take turns and repeat. This one should be hilarious for any age and parents should definitely get involved!

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