Update on Lay Lay

Mae Lee has been training Lay Lay in Finished Product Inventory Management since May. Starting in early July, Lay Lay has taken over most of Mae Lee’s job as Mae Lee learns other skills. At first Lay Lay did not believe that she would be able to do this job well. She was quite hesitant, but Mae Lee worked with her and taught her all of the details of the job.

Today, Lay Lay is doing amazing! Everyone is really impressed by how well she does her job. She has an amazing attitude, is diligent and is pursuing excellence in everything she does. Lay Lay can be seen looking over forms to make sure there are no errors, and is working hard to do her job perfectly. In the month that she has taken on this role, she has not made any mistakes.

We are so proud of Lay Lay for taking this brave step to take on this new role and proud of Mae Lee for how well she trained and mentored her.

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