What do we see in terms of literacy?

What do we see in terms of literacy? What is the class like, and how is it structured?

When women arrive at Starfish Project and start our vocational training program, they are given a literacy proficiency test. Most of the women at Starfish Project have a primary school education level (8 to 10-years old) when they arrive. Women in our program who have a low literacy level will be entered into one of our two literacy classes, depending on their reading level.

The two classes are level 3 (8-year-old reading level) and level 4 (9 to 10-year-old reading level).

During both of the classes, women will participate in games and activities to help them learn new vocabulary and phrases. Every two months everyone will take a proficiency assessment that tests their ability to identify a word, match a word to its definition, and their ability to choose the right word or phrase to complete a sentence.

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