FAN: My Story of Hope

I was introduced to Starfish Project through my cousin. I was one of the first women to join the company with Jenny. Working in this environment has really impacted me and I want to continue not only my only growth, but also help other women as well.

I worked my way up through production, and am now our Production Manager. I supervise all aspects of production and make sure that orders are completed on time. I manage the 20 people who work in production between the Starfish branch in our Headquarters city and Riverside branch. I like preparing the purchase orders that come through. I love achieving our goal of making high quality products that get to our customers on time.

I lived at the shelter for the first four years I worked at Starfish. I then moved out and rented an apartment with another coworker. I loved living at the shelter because someone was always available to listen to you, pray with you, and give you advice when you needed it.

Since coming to Starfish Project, I have grown in confidence. Before, I was very timid and scared to do new things. I used to hide my face and feel insecure. Now, I am brave and do things even if I am scared. I am confident in myself and my leadership abilities.

My first business trip to the southern part of our country to visit a sister organization was a significant moment for me. I was in meetings with the leadership team from the other company and Starfish leaders. It was the first time I truly felt like a leader. It was amazing to have people outside of Starfish respect my opinion and listen to my advice.

Attending training courses outside of Starfish always has a strong impact on me because it shows that the company believes in me enough to fund my study. Learning these skills also changed my perspective and allow me to grow as a person. These training courses are great for my personal and professional development.

When I had been working at Starfish a few years, we received a massive order for 60,000 pairs of earrings. We worked so incredibly hard to get the order finished on time. This was the biggest single order in Starfish history. To celebrate our major accomplishment, we went on a team-building trip to a beautiful place. I loved having fun with my coworkers and seeing the stunning landscape. We were all so proud of our accomplishment and I loved the satisfying feeling of finishing the task.

I am certified by Microsoft in Word and PowerPoint. I am working towards becoming certified in Microsoft Outlook and taking basic English classes.

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